Who We Are


New Hope is known for its loving atmosphere. We are a place to belong and connect as a family, full of love for God and one another. You’ll find a relatively diverse spread of culture, class, and background in general, where we all humbly unite under the transcendence of Christ. We passionately desire a mature union and loving relationship with Jesus Christ our Bridegroom!

Some statistics for you:
Our Sunday morning gatherings are currently averaging approximately 130 people.

Attendees are:

40% – 25 years and younger
40% – 26 –50 years of age
20% – 50 years and older

We are a community of believers that are passionate about encountering God’s presence personally as well as corporately as a family.

Our vision for Platteville and the surrounding communities is to be a community of believers that bring God’s transformational love, life, hope, joy, and peace into our neighborhoods.

Because of his love and presence, we have a desire to believe God for the miraculous. We believe He desires to impact your life, distributing His love, hope, freedom, and joy into you!

Another of our core beliefs is that the Bible is God’s love letter to us; it is full of truth and our foundation which guides us to life and freedom in Him.